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Loyalty Bonus

Up to 1% of all your stakes paid back to you every week!

Our new Loyalty Scheme explained......

Our brand new loyalty scheme is designed to reward you each time you play a cash-game on our site. It's quite simple - for every £1 (or currency equivalent) that you spend, we give you 100 loyalty points. You only need to play cash games to the value of £25 (or currency equivalent) to get to our first Bronze level. Bear in mind that this is £25 in matched stakes, so for example, 5 games of £5 a time or 25x £1 games, regardless of whether you win or lose any of these games. (*Exceptions apply - No loyalty points are awarded in relation to wagering activity on Pro Blackjack, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild; and (b) for every £1 (or currency equivalent) that you wager on ‘purse-play’ Multiplayer Blackjack or other instant win side game, we give you 10 loyalty points.).

The more you play, the more you earn. At the end of each week we look at how many points you carried over from the previous week, how many you have earned that week and what loyalty level you have reached. Amazingly, we then rebate to you (pay you out) between 0.15% and 1% of all your matched stakes back to your account which needs wagering only once (1x) before it can be cashed out as cash!


  Turnover (matched stakes) Points Rebate
BRONZE £25 2,500 0.15%
  £50 5,000 0.20%
  £75 7,500 0.25%
  £100 10,000 0.30%
  £200 20,000 0.35%
SILVER £500 50,000 0.40%
  £1,000 100,000 0.45%
  £2,000 200,000 0.50%
  £3,000 300,000 0.55%
  £4,000 400,000 0.60%
  £6,000 600,000 0.65%
  £8,000 800,000 0.70%
  £14,000 1,400,000 0.75%
GOLD £20,000 2,000,000 0.80%
  £35,000 3,500,000 0.85%
  £70,000 7,000,000 0.90%
  £100,000 10,000,000 0.95%
  £200,000 20,000,000 1.00%

So, for example, let's imagine you carried over 25,000 points from last week (when you were at the 0.35% rebate level) and played cash games to the tune of £250 this week (e.g. 25 games at £10 stakes each). This generated 25,000 more points and gives you a total on the Sunday night of 50,000. This now puts you in the silver category with a rebate level of 0.4%. We then pay you back £1.00 for your £250 of matched stakes (£250 x 0.4%), no questions asked! And it doesn't matter whether you won or lost any of the 20 or so games you played...

Note, though, that on Sunday night, we also deduct 15% from your total points balance rewarding those who maintain or improve on their loyalty level the following week. So in this example, we would take away 7,500 points on Sunday night, leaving you a total of 42,500 to carry over into the next week. You would only need to play £75 of cash games to stay in the silver level that week - or more if you wanted to move up the rankings towards the magic Gold level.

Please note that the maximum payout per person per week is £500 (or currency equivalent).


Cash Jack!


This month, we’re offering you the chance to boost your winnings on our favourite house game, Pro Blackjack.

Play and win this month against the house and we’ll ‘Jack’ your winnings by 10% up to a maximum of £100 per week. If you’re not so fortunate at the tables then we’ll also give you 10% Cash Back on any losses you incur. We’ve got all the bases covered.

Check the news tool for our latest winners

So...Play, Win, and get Cash Jacked!

General Terms and Conditions apply.

  • The promotion runs for three separate dates, these are known as the ‘promotional periods’.
  • Monday 6th – Sunday 12th July,
  • Monday 13th - Sunday 19th July
  • Monday 20th – Sunday 26th July.

Players with multiple accounts will result in all accounts being closed and any winnings being forfeited.

    • All Cash Back or Cash Jack payments are capped at £100. A player’s weekly Pro Blackjack net loss or net win must exceed £50 in order to receive a payment. The minimum Cash Jack or Cash Back payment in any promotional period is £5.
    • All payments in a promotional period will be rounded to the nearest £5. E.g. a player wins £176 on Pro Blackjack in a promotional period; they will be credited with £20.
    • Free bets will be credited every Monday after the promotional period has ended.
    • All payments are awarded as site credit.