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With a pedigree stretching back as far as 1998, Pro Wager Systems are OGs in the world of iGaming. Many of their competitors have come and gone in that time, or diversified so much as to transform beyond recognition.

PWS have evolved alright, but they’ve stayed true to the ethos upon which they were founded. Like many of the industry’s leading software houses, Pro Wager Systems are based in Canada, a hotbed of gaming innovation.

Bitcoin poker is a speciality, but the company develops a wide range of casino software, from bingo to poker. Working exclusively within the B2B sector, Pro Wager Systems have formed lasting partnerships with a number of high profile web-based casinos.

Evolution in Action

In the near two decades in which they’ve been trading, PWS’ casino games have been played by millions across the web and around the world. While most of these have been for real money, the firm also develops free play versions of its games.

The technology used to power the web has changed significantly since the late 90s, yet Pro Wager Systems have remained at the vanguard, adopting the latest technologies as they’ve become available. While accustomed to developing Flash-based games, today PWS is equally adept at working with HTML5 for the benefit of mobile players as well as desktop players who have no desire to download proprietary casino software: they just want to fire up their browser and start playing.

Pro Wager Systems’ products may have evolved over the years, but the company has remained a small enterprise, with a staff of less than 10 employees taking care of business from its headquarters in West London, Ontario.

The firm’s software is prized by its clients not only on account of its reliable performance and scalability, but for the ease with which it can be installed. PWS promise to have a fully integrated gaming system installed on their client’s server in under a day, and with no licensing fees, maintenance fees or royalties to be paid, operators can turn a profit from day one.

Beauty Comes in Small Packages

In the last three years, Pro Wager Systems’ focus has turned to HTML5, with the company releasing customisable video poker that’s optimised for desktop and mobile, whether viewed in portrait or landscape. At the same time, PWS have augmented their casino software with technology such as iDevAffiliate for affiliate commission tracking. With hosting provided by RackNation, one of the web’s leading hosting companies, Pro Wager Systems’ platform is lightning fast and ultra robust.

While the Ontario firm were working on perfecting their HTML5-based products, they didn’t neglect the Flash games that were once the default multimedia format used by casinos and indeed everyone else on the web. While many software developers limited their casino software to PC versions only, PWS were quick to roll out their multiplayer poker to both Mac and Windows users.


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