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ABOUT PokerLobby dot net

Bitcoin is quickly becoming the currency of choice for casino players across the internet and  PokerLobby has stepped up to the job being the place to play the hottest games, from popular casino offerings like poker blackjack, slots and Bingo stud and ohama to innovative and ground-breaking options, like our poker lobby has to offer.

Lots of online Game players are making the big shift to Bitcoin to fund their gaming accounts, drawn to the easy deposit and withdraw options, with no-wait payouts 24 hours a day/seven days a week, but also the security and anonymity of using a digital currency for playing blackjack, slots or  poker and bingo

  PokerLobby understood the need for an exclusive home for Bitcoin wagering now with payeer wallet , and set the bar for the online Gaming industry when it comes to only accepting Bitcoins and multicurrancy throught payeer wallet. And while the digital currency is still a relatively new progression in the online Gaming industry,  PokerLobby has years of online gaming experience behind it and prides itself of being an innovator and always providing its players with the very best in casino options, security and Bitcoin & wallet banking. So whether your game   poker bingo blackjack slots, PokerLobby offers you a customized online pokerlobby no download required – strictly for players betting with Bitcoin and payeer wallet

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Bitcoin Software

Ever since Satoshi Nakamoto published his Bitcoin white paper, entrepreneurs have been alert to the potential for the digital currency to be used for gambling. PWS got on that bandwagon early, and have perfected their own Bitcoin casino software. Because Bitcoin obviates the need for casinos to find third party payment processors, its attraction is obvious.

Pro Wager Systems’ Bitcoin casino software is competitively priced, can be installed quickly and is highly customisable. PWS’ package includes a website, backoffice control panel, game server and games that work with Flash or HTML5. All the client needs to supply is a Windows server, domain name and Bitcoin wallet.

PWS in a Nutshell

why we use prowager systems

Visually, their games aren’t the most beautiful or feature-rich, but Pro Wager Systems’ titles are proficiently put together and what’s more they work consistently well.

The company’s casino software will be of particular interest to clients considering launching their own Bitcoin casino. With PWS providing the complete system, the client is free to focus on what they do best – managing our clients and promoting the site

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